About us

The Most Trusted Security Guard Company in Metro New Orleans

Since Sentry Security opened their doors in 1992, we have developed the perfect business model and has quickly established our place as the leading expert in Personalized Security Services. Known for flexible client contracts and superior security guard training, Sentry Security has rightfully earned the reputation for excellence as the most trusted provider of security services in the Greater New Orleans area. Being a locally Veteran owned and operated security guard company has allowed Sentry Security to grow its reputation and business relationships through tailored service contracts.

Trust is the most valuable asset in the security industry and Sentry has rightfully earned that reputation. Our clients trust in knowing that the Sentry name means protection, value, and service. Our guards trust Sentry knowing that they have the training and the support to do their job well. The public trusts the badge, knowing that a Sentry guard is protecting them.

We understand the New Orleans Metro Area and all of its uniqueness and our proven track record, along Sentry Security’s high level of customer satisfaction, are testaments to our commitment for excellence.The key to our stellar protection promise is knowing how to satisfy clients by tailoring each contract to meet their individual needs. Below are just a few ways that we have customized our security solutions:

  • Customizing our uniform style to reflect the client’s company image.
  • Offering additional technology solutions, like security cameras, for extra support.
  • Dictating the essential duties of the guard, based on our client’s needs.
  • Managing the client’s existing security staff while transitioning from in-house security to contract security.
  • Offering additional insurance coverage for unique situations that go beyond the standard insurance coverage provided.
  • Managing report generation details and how setting how frequently they are required to be written.
  • Using daily checklists as a communication and accountability tool.
  • Setting the level of guard assistance that a guard should offer to people, such as employee after hours escort, opening the door for people, answering questions and other assisting actions outside the typical scope of protection.

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