New Orleans Industrial Security

Sentry Security has been providing our clients with industrial security services that exceed their expectations and industry standards for decades. We know that industrial facilities face safety and security challenges different from most because of hazardous materials, valuable inventory, and federal regulations. Whether you have a manufacturing facility, warehouse, plant, or other industrial facility, Sentry has the knowledge and experience to ensure the highest standard in safety and security.

Sentry Security always begins every client relationship with an in-depth survey of your site and it’s current safety and security procedures. After discussing your needs and preferences we will design training programs, manuals, procedures, and industrial security services fully customized to the unique needs of your facility.

We only assign officers to your facility who are fully screened and specially trained in industrial security services. With Sentry, your facility will exceed current security standards based on the requirements of your facility and organization.

Sentry Security designs unique sets of industrial security services for each one of our industrial clients. Below is just a few services that you can expect our experienced industrial security professionals to provide:

  • Customized Fire, Safety, and Security Programs
  • Site surveys
  • Daily activity logs
  • Local police and fire department coordination
  • Controlled site access for Visitors, Vendors, and Suppliers
  • Perimeter protection
  • Patrols conducted at irregular intervals
  • Truck dock and front gate protection
  • Egress and Ingress controls
  • Safety violation monitoring
  • Signs of forced or unforced entry detection
  • Trucks seals, vandalism, lighting outages
  • Uninterrupted Business Emergency Planning
  • Immediate response to security, safety issues, and alarms
  • Closed Circuit Camera monitoring
  • Proactive involvement in facility safety and security
  • Loss Prevention and Asset Protection
  • Disaster planning and emergency preparedness
  • Container Seal Integrity and In-transit shipment monitoring
  • Safety and security in all dock and inventory areas
  • Cargo security
  • Scrap escorts for controlled disposal
  • Safety and Fire Protection
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Hazardous materials recognition
  • Containment of spills and clean-up
  • First aid and CPR
  • Fire Extinguisher inspections
  • HVAC monitoring
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Extreme weather protocols
  • Bomb threats, package inspection