New Orleans Residential Security

People need to feel safe in their own homes, whether they live in a gated community, apartment complex, or high-rise building. More of these communities are implementing security measures or enhancing their current security programs. Sentry Security has been providing the highest quality residential security services to the New Orleans Metro area for decades. Sentry residential protection provides peace of mind to residents and management alike.

Neighborhoods and Gated Communities

Our experience in the security industry has given us an understanding of the safety and security needs of suburban neighborhoods and gated communities. Our residential security services can be customized to fit the needs, budget, and unique charateristics of your community. Sentry’s residential security officers provide a number of services to residents of gated communities including regular patrols, secure and controlled access, emergency response, and more.

Apartment Complexes

All apartment complexes are different. Sentry Security will examine the safety and security needs of each complex and take your concerns and needs into account. Some apartment complexes may only require basic nighttime patrols, while others may require controlled access through a gate, a staffed concierge desk, public assistance, or more. Our residential security services are customized to the needs of each individual client.

High-Rise and Condo Living

Our residential security services for high-rise apartment homes, lofts, and condos are made to meet the challenges that face these types of buildings. We start with an in-depth evaluation of the building’s safety and security needs and current security programs. We work closely with building management to ensure that our residential security services meet their requirements. Sentry officers provide security services ranging from controlled access to regular patrols, from door services to emergency response.

General Security duties such as:

  • Regular and irregular patrols of the interior and exterior
  • Gatekeeper duties
  • Enforce all building and complex rules and regulations
  • Handle any special circumstances or incidents
  • Investigate suspicious persons or vehicles
  • Controlled Access
  • Enforce access requirements such as IDs, badges, etc
  • Maintain visitor logs
  • Secure entrances and exits after hours
  • Open and close entrances at preset hours
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Regular fire safety equipment inspections
  • First response to fire and other emergencies
  • Design and implementation of evacuation plans
  • Work with local police and fire departments
  • Partner with Facility Management
  • Timely incident and activity reports
  • Attend meetings with management
  • Supervise site security staff
  • Manage special events
  • Facility Staff and Visitor Support
  • Escort residents after regular hours
  • Assist with resident and visitor safety
  • Provide general assistance to residents