Choosing the Right Security Solutions

If you aren't sure exactly what level of security protection that you need, our free security needs assessment will help you make the right decision. We will expertly evaluate your current and potential security needs and based on that information we will put together a cost effective security plan for you.

New Orleans Commercial Security

Sentry Security has been exceeding our commercial clients’ expectations since 1992.

New Orleans Residential Security

People need to feel safe in their own homes, whether they live in a gated community, apartment complex, or high-rise building.

New Orleans Construction Security

Construction sites in the Greater New Orleans area are all too often a target for theft and vandalism, resulting in major damages or losses to you.

New Orleans Event Security

It’s no secret that New Orleans is known as a world class host for special events.

New Orleans Industrial Security

Sentry Security has been providing our clients with industrial security services that exceed their expectations and industry standards for decades.

New Orleans Property Security

Property security services in the New Orleans Metro area is currently in high demand.

New Orleans Hotel Security

At Sentry Security, we vave been providing the highest level of hotel security services in the New Orleans Metro area for over 24 years.

New Orleans Retail Security

Retail shopping centers and individual shops present a unique range of safety and security concerns.

New Orleans Hospital Security

New Orleans area hospitals are like a city within a city, and each one is complex and different.